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Not A Pretty Picture… Not Meant To Be Pretty

My art is not always pretty or pleasant, but I do use it to bring home a truth to myself (and observers) when I need a visual.  How many times do we stop ourselves with these words?   This is called “A Favorite Accessory?”  I painted it in my art journal, and it is Day [...]

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Sad News, A Free Soul, and Art

After battling cancer, the effects of cancer, and the life changes that cancer forced on him for five years, my father passed away this morning at the care facility, peacefully in his sleep.  He had fought and suffered greatly for a long time, most especially this past 16 months.  The last several weeks have been [...]

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Completed Custom Order Photo and eBay Update

I completed a custom order today for a pair of earrings made with my paper-recycling process and my painted papers.  I needed to paint a fresh paper for this one as the client enjoyed the colors I had used with previous items, but that particular painted paper had been used up. She did not want [...]

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Pretty Designs – India Influence and eBay Offerings

Things with my dad’s health are becoming more intense each day, and I have taken time away from blogging as often as I was.  I have also decided not to go ahead with the show on Saturday.  It is totally my decision and not the responsibility or cause of anyone else.  With everything going on, [...]

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New Art Journal Page and More…

I finally completed that art journal page I had been working on, and there is almost no trace left of the background I had originally created.  This tends to happen often.  Nothing was wrong with the background; I liked it, but it seems I needed more vibrancy in the colors.  Anyway, the words are a [...]

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Pink Girly Things

I am just writing a quick post to show a few new listings in my eBay store — things that little girls would like.  As always, you can visit my eBay store here:  http://stores.ebay.com/abundantempress A Dora the Explorer spring jacket: A very soft pink velour Disney Cinderella backpack: And finally for today, something from a [...]

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Weekend Art Journal Progress and Other Stuff

I am late posting this, but at least I will be able to present more views of progress on the current art journal project.  As I type, I am listening to the song “Johnny Tarr” by Gaelic Storm.  There is no way I cannot sing along  and dance in my chair.  One cat eyes me [...]

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