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Thank you for visiting Abundant Empress. Making custom artwork that is timely and unique is a pleasure and rewarding. Please follow me on my blog and let us get to know each other.

Purples and Blues and a Pirate Too

Greetings on this cool, rainy (in Minnesota) Abundant Monday morning! I do love the cool weather.  I confess to being a total wimp in hot weather.  Any day that I don’t need to run the air conditioner is a bonus for me.  Being grateful to have an air conditioner, I still don’t like the lack […]

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Sample of Paintings I Have Been Making

I like inspirational quotes and messages, so I have been incorporating more of them into my work, making paintings with them.  I use messages that have meaning to me personally, messages I believe in.  Here is one example:   True words.  We have a LOT to do with what is going on with our lives.  Our […]

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Photos and Snow

A Quick View of Some Recent Art I completed the camo painting I had been working on in December and sent it to its new owner in time for Christmas.  Her name begins with the letter “C.” I’ve been doing some Zen doodling before going to bed at night.  It helps me relax and it […]

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Photos: Christmas Gifts in Progress and eBay Goodies

The Holiday Season I hope the approach of this year’s season is bringing you good cheer and minimal hassle.  The past two holiday seasons were tough ones for my family, but joy is coming through this year.  There is some bitter with the sweet (as there was at Thanksgiving) since this is the first holiday […]

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CYBER MONDAY! New ART Photo! Sales in My eBAY store and My ETSY Shop!

Starting with the artwork: This is an 8 x 10 canvas board that I painted during the 30 / 30 challenge.  I love the quote and I painted it as a reminder to myself.  I like that it gets right to the point, and that point is a powerful one. Some of the lettering reflects […]

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Photos and Thoughts

I finished this project some days ago, but am delayed in posting photos.  My mom’s house sold and she is in the process of moving.  My sisters and I have been helping her.  It’s been a challenge, a big challenge peppered with plenty of drama.  I am so happy that this chapter in our lives […]

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